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Chef Debby Clientele Includes:

Trent Reznor, Musician from Nine-Inch Nails - Private Family Meals & Special Events

Luxpads - Luxury Rentals, Vacation Homes, Villas, and Estates: Private Chef Meals.

Pardee Homes, Ventura County - Food Demonstrations and Realtor Luncheons


Ellen Layva, ABC News - Special Events, Christmas Party


Adam Levine - Family Meals

South Park - Employee Buffet Dinners.

COO of Amgen Pharmaceuticals - Private Family Weekly Meals, Holiday Parties

Baxalta Pharmaceuticals - Christmas Company Parties

Eric Weider - CFO of Weider Health & Fitness Inc. Weekly family meals following specific diets and special event catering


Producer of Weeds and Orange is the New Black - Private Brunches, Luncheons & Dinners as well as numerous Fundraisers

We Olive Wine Bar - Cooking Classes & VIP Special Event Catering. Thousand Oaks Mall


Room at the Beach - Seasonal Cooking Classes: Malibu Country Mart


Vom Fass Artisan Oils - Cooking Classes, Ventura


Conejo Valley Adult Education - Cooking Classes


Craig Jacobs, Zenith Financial - Luxury Relators Open House


Sotheby's-Wish Relators - New Office Launch Events.

Smithfield Hams - Vons & Albertson's Tasting Menus.

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