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Meal Service

A “Personal Chef” Means Just That…Personal.


A Personal Chef custom designs menus according to your specific taste and dietary requirements. A Personal Chef will prepare an assortment of meals, which will allow you and your family to enjoy quality time & delicious healthful food without the stress that comes along with it.


Whether you are a vegetarian or vegan, desire all organic meals, are a gourmet enthusiast or need to be on a special diet, Chef Debby will make sure your meals are prepared exactly how you want and need them to be.


Chef Debby will set up a complimentary interview to assess your likes, dislikes and dietary needs. This is done in the comfort of your home, and also allows us to get a feel for your kitchen. Our goal is to create a personalized menu for you and your family. Once the menu is finalized, Chef Debby will submit it for your approval, and set a cook date.

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The Cook Day


Chef Debby will start the day by shopping for all the groceries on your menu just prior to arriving at you home. She will carefully select the best seasonal produce, top quality meats and seafood available. Chef Debby supports the local farmers and shops locally for seasonal fare. When she arrives at your home she will prepare the designated menu.


Chef Debby provides all our own pots & pans, seasonings & utensils required to prepare your meals. We will use your oven and stovetop and carefully prepare all of your meals in the safety of your own kitchen.


Chef Debby will also package, label, leave heating instructions, and of course leave your kitchen spotless. The containers we use are recyclable, microwave safe and freezer safe. Chef Debby will package your food in quantities that you specify, (individual portions, portions for two or family style).


The only evidence of a Personal Chef will be a refrigerator/freezer full of healthy, delicious food and your house full of mouth-watering aromas.


Dinnertime is now…your time.


Meal Service Delivery options may be available on certain dates. Please Contact Us for details.

Personal Chef Service fees include:
  • Initial assessment in your home to evaluate your likes and dislikes, allergies, & dietary goals

  • Custom recipe research and meal planning based on that assessment

  • Grocery shopping on the day of service to maximize freshness of ingredients

  • Use of the “Chef’s Portable Pantry,” stocked with items used in small amounts (dried herbs, mustards, vinegar, flour, salt, etc) designed to avoid purchasing excess grocery items at the customer’s expense

  • Preparation of meals, prepared on pre arranged cook date, in the safety of your own home

  • Complete packaging, labeling and storing of all menu items in your refrigerator

  • Microwave & Freezer Safe Containers

  • Menu of all your meals along with simple warming instructions.

  • Complete cleanup to leave your kitchen spotless.

  • Ongoing feedback of menu items, designed to continually fine tune the service to keep you thrilled with your dinner choices.

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Enjoy viewing Chef Debby’s Sample Menus

More Chef Debby's Menus are available upon request

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