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Intimate Dinners

We Do Intimate Breakfasts, Brunch & Lunches Too!


Let Chef Debby bring the restaurant to you!  You deserve to stay out of the kitchen and enjoy being a guest at your own party.

Dining at home is so much more personal then celebrating at a restaurant.  You can engage with everyone and not be limited only to those sitting nearby.


Our intimate dinners are typically for 20 people or less.   An average number is 12-14 guests.


Chef Debby will either schedule a phone meeting or visit you in person to discuss your vision for your party.  She will send all of her menus for you to review.  Together, you will come up with the perfect menu for you and your guests.  Special dietary requests are not a problem.  We want everyone to enjoy a fabulous meal that includes any dietary restrictions.


Our dinners are priced “Per Person” based on the menu you want.  This includes 2 Appetizers, Soup or Salad, Main Course and 2 sides.

Dessert is an additional cost.


On top of our Per Person cost, we also have our cost for labor for Chef Debby and for the server/kitchen staff.  The number of staff needed for your event will depend on the number of guests as well as the complexity of the menu.  Our goal is to make sure we have the correct number of servers/kitchen staff to ensure top-notch service, which includes full cleanup.

Contact Us today for a free quote. Let us create a menu that your guests will rave about!

Please call for a free quote today at 805-908-1845
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Enjoy viewing Chef Debby’s Sample Menus


More Chef Debby's Menus are available upon request

Click on menu thumbnail to preview and then download PDF to see full menu

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